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SOFY helps companies to improve their visibility on Google, get more positive customer reviews and communicate better.

A single platform, A multitude of functionalities.

Stay tuned 1 click of your customers!

SOFY has created a platform that helps merchants to be closer to their customers and to develop their business.

A unique all-in-one solution

For all companies that want to develop their business through the web
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Presence online

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Discuss with your customers, communicate your offers

customer notification

Customer Opinion

Collect and manage your customer reviews.

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Marie-Christine VARTEL



The SADEM-SGAFP CGTM union has chosen you. We are convinced that the products and support offered will allow us to achieve our objectives and that the MTA staff will benefit from them. Van dan vwel! Thank you.

Placid Abidos



Great initiative from this agency. It allows to develop the visibility of a company with a regular follow-up/coaching. Always available and attentive. Everything is top notch, from the welcome to the accompaniment. Thank you

Crystal Blue

Renting of cottages


Sofy is a digital agency in Guadeloupe that has helped us improve our online visibility. We have gained loyal customers for our holiday home with an online booking system;

Expand your business with ease

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Online presence

visible everywhere
! Update your information in 1 click

Get more
of visits
in your establishment, optimize your website.

Post your events and news on social networks
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Data collection

Winning customers

Easily collect reviews
positive customer reviews
and improve your online reputation.

Respond to notices
at the speed of light. Get valuable information about your customers (Name, age, email…)


Communicate & build loyalty

Discuss directly with your customers. Send marketing campaigns
SMS and Emails
Marketing campaigns in 1 click.

Build loyalty with your customers automatically by wishing them their
birthday by SMS
& Email.

An accompaniment personalized

To each his own Job!

Our coaches are SEO experts
Local Google

Your dedicated coach accompanies you
each month
to improve your positioning and move up in the
search engines

Become a champion of
sms and email marketing campaigns

Learn how to integrate your products into your
E-shop Budy and boost your online sales

You will discover how to collect
essential data
about your customers and improve your e
-reputation through reviews

Receive regular updates on
hints and tips
participate in
our trainings

Whatever your activity, develop your business with SOFY

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The SOFY mobile application allows you to send your SMS campaigns and manage your e-reputation.