Automate your customer base

Collect, retain,

Target and send personalized offers.

Loyalty program

Automate your client file

Communicate about your offers

Keep in touch with your customers

Reach new customers

Automate customer data collection

Learn more about your customers

  • Your customers register in your Sofy customer base via your WIFI Hotspot Box, by QRCODE, by SMS.
  • Obtain important information and valuable data on your customers such as: Last name, first name, age, city, country, center of interest, date of visit etc…
  • Discover the typical profile of your customers
  • Automatically identify your customers when they return to your establishment.
  • Send targeted SMS and Email marketing campaigns.
potential customer sofy

Automate your communication

Send automatic SMS and Email Marketing campaigns

  • Schedule digital marketing campaigns and automate your mailings
  • Send automatic coupons after the passage of your customers
  • Text Happy Birthday
  • Schedule welcome SMS and Email (welcome SMS and email). Your customers will receive your welcome SMS and Email near your establishment.
  • Receive responses from your customers by SMS

Keep in touch

Schedule your marketing campaigns in advance

  • Prepare your digital campaigns up to 1 year in advance
  • Share through your promotions and your online store by SMS, Emails, facebook, google message
  • Bring your customers back with personalized and targeted offers
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