Can we offer a personalized service while automating our commercial campaigns? How to give your client the feeling of being unique? SMS and Email marketing are today the most effective methods to engage your target and retain your customers. Let’s discover together how these means of communication are essential in the marketing strategy of companies.

SMS and Email: the winning duo for your business

What is SMS marketing?

Communicate with loved ones, receive offers: every day, many of us check our smartphones and read our text messages. SMS marketing allows professionals to communicate with the right target and at the right time. With an opening rate approaching 95% , it is a formidable strategic tool. You can use SMS marketing in different ways.

Does your business have a flash offer to share? Bring more people to your physical establishment or online with the help of coupons and promotions of the moment . Taking an order or organizing an event: communicate easily and instantly thanks to SMS Marketing . It’s also a way to remind your clients to come to an appointment. No more unpleasant surprises and frustrations!

And an Email marketing, what does it consist of?

Email marketing allows you to build up a large database . Notoriety, brand image, sale of products and services: Email marketing adapts to your objectives. There is regular email and automated email. Regular email takes the form of a newsletter or product launch. The automated email , or “email automation”, is sent directly to people who meet pre-established criteria (examples: confirmation of payment or appointment).

Just like SMS, Email marketing establishes proximity with your customers. It helps to improve your brand image and increases your notoriety. Maintaining a good level of communication and total transparency allow you to build a solid and lasting relationship with your customers . The challenge is to make your email marketing attractive and intuitive to enhance the direct sale of your products and services. Well configured, it saves time and money!

SMS and Email marketing: what are the advantages?

Communicate quickly and easily with SMS marketing

What if you provoked an immediate commitment from your target? An SMS inbox is consulted several times in a day . It is therefore very likely that your message will be read in a few minutes! Simplicity and speed: what more could you ask for? Ideally, the content of your marketing SMS should not exceed two sentences (maximum size = 160 characters). 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes: the shorter and clearer a message, the more it is memorized .

Compared to other communication channels, SMS marketing is inexpensive. At SOFY, we offer you a complete package with multiple features. Thanks to our SOFY BOX , unite your customers around your brand . Loyalty points, discount coupons, SMS and welcome email: interact with customers near your point of sale. Build a qualitative and detailed customer database. Offer your customers the best of wifi technology with SOFY.

Email marketing: establish a relationship of trust with your customers

Currently, marketing is mostly “mobile first” (designed for smartphone users). Mobile users are more and more demanding: it is therefore necessary to go straight to the point. How to build an effective multichannel strategy? By building a list of potentially interested contacts, hot prospects. This collection of e-mail addresses, in a legal and consented way (“opt-in contacts”), is the starting point of your strategy .

To avoid spam, make sure your prospects are interested in your products and services. It is no longer enough to send mass emails, hoping to reach a few people! Quality takes precedence over quantity , Inbound marketing takes precedence over Outbound marketing. You ensure increased deliverability, better click and open rates and fewer unsubscribes . How to maximize the impact and engagement of your email marketing campaign? By targeting the right people!

Our advice for the success of your SMS and Email marketing campaigns

Reach the right person at the right time

The key to the success of your SMS and Email marketing campaign: choose the right timing! Although the frequency of your mailings will depend on your products and services, it is imperative to send your messages when your customers are likely to buy. Are you a restaurant owner? For example, send a discount coupon at lunchtime. This can influence your customers and push them to the act of purchase.

As a business, you don’t have much time to spend outside of your core business. The solution ? Schedule an automatic email or SMS on a specific date and at a strategic time . Thanks to our SO-Connect solution, SOFY helps you optimize the sending of your commercial messages. Easily analyze the behavior of your customers. Rest assured, our software takes care of everything!

Use a powerful and easy-to-use tool

At SOFY, we offer you a complete and intuitive solution to easily manage your SMS and Email marketing campaigns. Thanks to an intuitive integrated graphic studio, create your professional campaign simply and quickly . Do you have a flash sale, a limited-time promotion to publicize? In just a few clicks, your SMS and Email marketing campaign is ready. Enjoy maximum efficiency with a 98% open rate . With SOFY, it’s as simple as that!

Automatically trigger your campaigns based on customer behavior, preferences and interests. Measure your performance in one click by accessing the statistical reports of your SMS and Email campaigns (opening rate, click rate or unsubscribe rate). Make your customer feel unique and privileged with personalized and engaging messages . Reach new customers with your detailed database .

SMS and Email marketing campaigns are now essential communication tools. Efficient, instantaneous and profitable, they forge strong and lasting relationships with your customers. By combining these two communication channels, you will create a formidable and long-lasting strategy. Do you want to boost your visibility and increase your turnover? Be accompanied by SOFY, a trusted professional. Discover our solution to communicate effectively during your SMS and Email marketing campaigns .