Our mission

Help you boost your business on the web!

Our purpose

Do you want to take advantage of the digital boom and new consumption patterns to grow your business? The Sofy platform was designed for you!

To support you, we have created a 360° marketing platform that is simple and accessible but above all that allows you to maintain your independence.


Our history

It all started with WiFi

Sofy ‘s story first saw the light of day as ZeeWifi . Launched in 2015 by a team of enthusiasts and experts in the field, ZeeWifi ‘s mission was to create a community around wifi and to allow companies to create a customer database more easily.

After 5 years of work, the bet was successful: ZeeWifi brought together a community of 250,000 people and enabled more than 300 businesses to communicate more easily with their customers. This success also enabled ZeeWifi to win the 2019 Overseas Innovation Award .

From Wifi to the 360° platform

Merchants wishing to go further and take advantage of the strong potential of digital, our teams have worked to set up a 360° marketing platform giving professionals the possibility of:

> Sell their products online

> Have an internet presence

> Get more positive reviews and visits from the web (web to store)

> Launch e-mail and sms campaigns

While continuing to build up a database easily thanks to wifi.

Our added value

The main strength of the Sofy platform? Its user-oriented approach. By setting up an intuitive platform, Sofy allows its customers to devote themselves fully to their core business and maintain their autonomy.

Sofy in a few figures

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